Pastel Paradise

Pastels “feel” light, soft and peaceful, fulfilling our yearning for reassurance and security. Not just a seasonal palette anymore, pastels can be used year-round if you follow some simple rules.

If full-on lilac is your worst nightmare, start slow. Build from a foundation of black and look for suitably saccharine accessories, such as our Blush Pink Scudo Duffle bag for a modern and sporty look, or our Sky Blue Midi Loren tote to liven up your office suit. Whether you're adding pastel pieces to an outfit or going for full-on monochrome, invest in soft colours this season. And if pink is your favourite colour, just like mine, but you don't think any girl past 9 years of age would be caught dead wearing it, think again. Here's our blog post: 8 Ways to Wear Pink in a Grown-Up Way, for more style tips.

Alexandra de Curtis Blush Pink Scudo Duffle Bag
Alexandra de Curtis Grey Midi Ruched Tote
Alexandra de Curtis Blush Pink Scudo Mini Backpack
Alexandra de Curtis Blush Pink Loren Tote
Alexandra de Curtis Sky Blue Midi Loren Tote