Gift Cards

Buying a Gift Card

You can buy an ALEXANDRA de CURTIS gift card in Euros.

  • Select a gift card amount

  • Include the recipient's name, address and a personal message (optional)

  • The gift card will be emailed to the recipient and a delivery receipt will be emailed to you


How to Redeem a Gift Card

You can redeem a gift card on the payment page when making your purchase. Your gift card amount will then be automatically deducted as payment on your order.

Please note:

  • If your gift card exceeds the total order amount, the remaining balance will automatically be credited to your ALEXANDRA de CURTIS account

  • All remaining balances exceeding the value of your gift card or store credit must be paid by credit or debit card

  • The balance on your gift card is valid for 12 months


Returns & Exchanges

  • Gift cards cannot be returned or exchanged for a card refund

  • All returned items that were paid for with a gift card will be refunded as a store credit to your ALEXANDRA de CURTIS account for you to use against a future purchase

  • If you return an item paid by both gift card and credit card, you will be refunded on your credit card up to the amount of your initial card payment and the remaining amount will be refunded as store credit

  • To return an item that you have purchased with a gift card, see here


For further assistance please email:, text, WhatsApp or call +39 339 791 7565, MON-SUN, 9am-9pm GMT+1.