Blue is the New Black

It's official, one of the most popular colours this season is the unfailingly chic navy blue.

It’s not the brightest nor the boldest hue, but the great thing about this colour is that the darker shade is flattering, slimming and more forgiving when it comes to dirt and grime. It’s also a better alternative to black, as it’s less harsh and carries an air of sophistication. Yes, seriously, navy is the new black!

If you're after something bolder, how about  our favourite, cobalt blue? Accessories can add a nice pop of colour to an outfit and cobalt blue is fun and sporty, especially in our perforated bucket bags. And if you're a pastel lover, our sky blue is the perfect colour for you!

Alexandra de Curtis Navy Mini Saddle
Alexandra de Curtis Blue Maxi Bucket
Alexandra de Curtis Sky Blue Midi Loren Tote
Alexandra de Curtis Sky Blue Mini Bucket
Alexandra de Curtis Sky Blue Mini Saddle