"When in Rome, do as the Romans do."

Alexandra de Curtis Blush Pink Scudo Mini Saddle

I can't believe a whole year has gone by already and here we I am launching a new Spring collection. 2017 was a year of self-evaluation for me personally and for my brand. As a designer, it's easy to fall into the trap of following trends, constantly comparing yourself to other designers and trying to please everyone. Well, I guess this doesn't just happen to designers, but as human beings, we seem to worry way too much about what others are doing!

So, even though new year's resolutions have never been my thing, and probably never will be, there is one thing I've decided to do from now on and that's being true to myself. This means asking myself, before anyone else, how does this make me feel? Does it make me happy? And if the answer is no, then find something that feels right and go with that instead. This also means learning to listen to my instincts and following them no matter what. So, please welcome a truer, more confident, Alexandra 2.0! 

Spring / Summer 2018



This season, I was inspired by the bustling streets of my beloved hometown, Rome. Just like the colourful market stalls in many Roman neighbourhoods, overflowing with seasonal fruits and vegetables and the myriad of ice cream flavours at my local ‘gelateria’, I selected colours for my collection that I love and remind me of home: pastel pink, cool greys and sky blue, a fresh colour that always evokes a sense of serenity in me.

I based this collection on a concept of sophisticated playfulness; a blend of Italian elegance and everyday chicness, achieved by mixing classic minimalist handbag shapes with beautifully coloured leathers that are lightweight, supple and utterly modern. Because who doesn't want a little Italian style in their wardrobe? 

Our signature contrast suede lining, a firm pillar of the brand’s DNA is flanked by a capsule collection of pink and black Scudo embossed leather which feels edgy and modern and luxuriously sporty because, in my mind, today's woman is busy, active and totally empowered. She is looking for handbags and accessories that are effortlessly stylish but also functional and practical. With my new small leather goods collection, I added a layer of practical little luxuries that can be added to your purse or handbag, or as a standalone, whether it be a minimal tablet pouch, a colourful make-up bag, or a Store-All bag.

Italians have this amazing quality of looking stylish and well dresses for any occasion. They also have very good lifestyle values: a well-balanced diet, a generally cheerful disposition and they know how to take breaks, this afternoon siestas, month-long holidays in summer... I have never seen a country that has a healthier, more well-balanced lifestyle than the Italians do. So this Spring, let's all live a little more Italian! 

Ciao for now!


Ciao Alexandra de Curtis
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