Our new everyday tote designed for busy women, with effortless style.

Designing a new bag is one of the favourite parts of my job. I usually start with a desire or a problem and I design a bag to either fix that problem or fuel my desire. In this case, I really needed an everyday bag that was the perfect size for my needs. I wanted a bag that was practical, so I opted for two handles, a zip closure and an adjustable shoulder strap. I wanted a bag that I could fall in love with, so I made it in my favourite colour - pink.

 In London, with my Midi Loren Tote in Blush Pink.

In London, with my Midi Loren Tote in Blush Pink.

I named her after the fabulous Italian actress, Sophia Loren, because my new tote was turning heads everywhere I went! Handcrafted in Rome, in my signature lightweight leather, no matter how much I put in it, this bag doesn't weigh me down, making the Midi Loren tote my perfect everyday companion. I love it so much, I'm having trouble switching to another bag now that we're getting ready to go to the beach.

As you can imagine, everyone's idea of the perfect everyday bag is very different. So, I've extended the collection to feature a Tall Loren Tote for laptops and work files, and a regular Loren Tote designed as the perfect travel companion for you jet setters out there, or simply for women who carry more 'stuff' than me!



Alexandra de Curtis