Visual Inspiration for my new collection.

As the owner of a creative business, it may not come as a surprise that one of the favourite parts of my job is coming up with the vision that will become the theme for a new collection. And the spring/summer season is by far, my favourite season. I don't know why, but it always gets my creative juices flowing! There isn't really a routine step-by-step process I follow. I may be inspired by a colour, a shape, or a film I've seen. It really could be anything.

One thing that I do all the time though is research trends, these can be forecasts of colour trends, design trends, technology trends, you name it. I love colours and sometimes, I will see a colour somewhere, in a photo, in nature, at a leather trade show, and I know that's the one I want and the whole vision kind of builds up from there. 

This season it was blush pink. I saw it at the leather trade show in Milan and it was love at first sight. Pink is my favourite colour, I love every shade of it from the soft pastels to the vibrant magentas. I fell in love with this particular shade of pink because it's so versatile and the perfect neutral that will look good with any wardrobe. It looks amazing with black, navy, chocolate brown and grey. It looks casual with jeans and super stylish with white. The warm wine coloured interior gives it that kick that doesn't make it look too girly. In my opinion, it's the perfect bag colour that should be in every woman's closet! 


In addition to the blush pink, I added a beautiful and super versatile sky blue and paired it with a smoky bluish-grey interior and then of course, we have the classic black but with a very feminine rose interior. I told you I love pink! ;)

Once I have set my heart on the colours I start putting together a mood board of images I've been collecting. I collect images  all the time. I have folders, envelopes, scrapbooks and cork boards (yes, that's a pre-Pinterest board), covered in photos, postcards, magazine tear-outs, furniture catalogues... all over my house. My husband thinks I'm crazy, but it's my creative livelihood. I know exactly where everything is and I can locate an image I found years ago and know exactly why I saved it. 

Mood boards are my favourite 'creative aid', kind of like flash cards were when I was a student at  university. I like to spend hours making mood boards, I find it really relaxing and inspirational. I'm a very visual person and I love the way images make me feel. Every image in a mood board counts so it's not something I can put together in a couple of minutes. It takes time and there are a lot of cuts and layout changes during the process. You can't have too many images or the message will be lost. I may start with an image and end up not using it at all because I've gone a whole other way.

This is the mood board I created for my Spring 2017 collection. The new collection launches on the site next week and I can't wait for you to see it. Stay tuned!

Ciao for now,

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