Rich and Radiant Aubergine

Inspired by nature, aubergine (also known as eggplant or plum) is the bold and sensual colour you need for Fall.

Long associated with royals and riches, this deeper take on purple will add a mysterious allure to your wardrobe. Whether you're trying to look elegant and understated, slinky and glamorous, or two steps ahead of the curve, why not try one of our newest handbags in this warm and luxurious colour?

Given its romantic and sophisticated nature, this intense purple hue lends an air of luxury to any outfit. Plus, unlike its cooler violet relative, its warmth flatters every skin tone and like navy, it's subtle enough to serve as a neutral if worn with a monochrome look. For a more dramatic statement, try pairing it with another bold colour such as a deep red, forest green or contrasting burnt orange.

Alexandra de Curtis Mini Saddle Aubergine
Alexandra de Curtis Midi Loren Tote Aubergine Crocodile
Alexandra de Curtis Midi Loren Tote Aubergine
Alexandra de Curtis Micro Mini Crossbody Aubergine Crocodile.jpg