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Hey there, I’m Alexandra.

Most days you can find me driving around Rome with my two girls, taking conference calls while on the school run and chatting with customers on live chat. When I’m not in my car, I’m in my home office behind my computer, with a cup of tea. I’m a total cat person and my two cats, Tiggy and Holly are my trusted office companions - Tiggy is usually stretched out on the window sill on top of the radiator and Holly is always curled up behind me on my chair. 

I like to think I'm a good singer (karaoke mainly) and a good mum. As all women do, I'm juggling many balls at the same time, trying not to drop any and succeeding about 70% of the time. I definitely believe you can do it all, just not at the same time! 

I am mostly known for my (crazy) Italian driving skills, my addiction to cookies (I always carry some in my bag), and for my parties. I’m a total introvert but I love inviting friends and family into my home. Nothing is better than a few close friends, some good music and a pizza night!

People often refer to me as a homebody. Two years ago, we completely gutted and remodelled the house my grandparents built over 40 years ago. I’m still working on decorating it and we still have some unsightly lightbulbs hanging from electrical cords here and there, but I believe that you have to love all the items you choose to put in your home. As Marie Kondo says, “If it doesn’t spark joy then don’t keep it”. I love our house because of the love I have experienced in it, while my grandparents were alive and now with my husband and daughters. It is my safe haven and I feel grateful for it every day.


The things I’m most passionate about in life are my family and being a good role model for my daughters. I started my handbag business because I wanted to be independent, have more time with my family and do something creative every day. I took a few evening classes in Fashion Accessories at the London College of Fashion after work, but everything I know about running a business I taught myself by rolling up my sleeves and just doing it. My marketing background has helped a lot, but working in a corporate office vs. running your own business and doing everything yourself, was a totally different story.

Looking for a factory in Italy was my biggest challenge when I first started out. It took me a year to research and contact the factories I wanted to work with. As I started cold calling them, I quickly realised it was going to be difficult to convince them to take a risk with a young entrepreneur. By the time I called the tenth factory I had gained more confidence and I had my spiel down to a quick 5 sentences. The owner of a small workshop in Rome agreed to see me. Thirteen years later, Mauro, the owner, and I are like brother and sister. I’m one of those people who won’t take no for an answer which means we tend to argue a lot, mainly about deadlines and samples. He’s the expert when it comes to the technical side of things and I’m the one with the crazy (according to him!) ideas that he always tries to shoot down at the beginning of the process. After some good arguing the Italian way, with lots of hand gestures and loud voices, we get it out of our system and end up compromising and producing some beautiful handbags.


Click to watch the Making of the Midi Loren Tote in our workshop in Rome.


I love serving the world by sharing my love and passion for Italian made products. Italy is known for its exceptional leather, quality craftsmanship and effortless style, but as fast fashion and large competition from abroad has caused many fashion houses to move their production abroad, the leather artisans are quickly disappearing. By keeping my production in Italy, I’m hoping to do my bit to help keep this ancient craft stay alive, while offering my customers high quality products and a little piece of my beautiful Italy to take home with them.

I design a range of sophisticated and practical handbags for busy, modern women just like you, who are looking for a bag that will take weight off their shoulder and not add to it, a design that is effortlessly stylish, functional and luxuriously chic. My goal is to help you achieve your everyday goals by creating functional bags that will elevate your outfit and make you feel like your best self every day.

When I’m not busy working on my business you can find me in my kitchen baking or cuddled up in bed with my hubby, two cats and our two girls, Mia and Livia, watching back to back episodes of Gilmore Girls (that’s if we can convince him!).

Still here? Let’s connect! :)

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Exceptional craftsmanship, a clean and simple aesthetic and our functional lightweight leather, are the hallmarks of an Alexandra de Curtis handbag.