About Us

Effortless Italian Style

Exceptional craftsmanship, a clean and simple aesthetic and a functional, luxurious effortless style are the hallmarks of an Alexandra de Curtis handbag.

Our bags are meticulously handcrafted in Rome by a team of skilled artisans who have been working with leather since 1959. The whole process is 100% Made in Italy, from the initial prototype to the materials we use, up to final production. 

"Whenever I design a new style I try to create something that will work beautifully, season after season."


Alexandra visits the most important leather tradeshows in Europe every season and carefully hand picks the highest quality leathers and accessories used in her designs. Her research into finding innovative materials is relentless. Her signature smooth calfskin with bonded suede lining is lightweight and has a wipe clean element to it, making it very resistant and practical; the perfect companion for a busy lifestyle.


Behind the Scenes

VIDEO - The Making of one of our Handbags

Here's a video of our handbag factory in Rome, Italy. If you like seeing how things are made, you'll love this video.

Wearing an Alexandra de Curtis bag means not only owning a unique accessory, but also keeping alive a fascinating, ancient craft that still survives in Italy today. The workmanship is made up of slow, careful, encoded gestures that are at the heart of this typically Italian artisanal expertise.


VIDEO - Our photoshoot in Rome

Take a stroll with us along the River Tiber, visit the Colosseum or enjoy the beautiful view from the Giannicolo Hill in Rome in our behind the scenes video of our photo shoot.